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UK Wide Distribution

We supply to restaurants and organizations across the UK. Contact our team with your request and we will try to do our best to accommodate your order.

Top Quality Italian Food

We sell products that we are proud to use ourselves in our own kitchen. This is why our customers enjoy eating with us.

Manufacture, Import, and Distribute

A lot of our products, including pasta and arancini are made by us in our London based commercial kitchen.  When importing, we always ensure that the products are of high quality and truly represent the taste of Italy.

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The man behind the meal

Chef Stefano

Chef Stefano

Keen fans of chef Stefano’s Italian dishes also know of his food market ‘La dolce Vita Italian Market’. This is where it all began.

Since opening his first catering company in 2003 chef Stefano has grown from catering for private events and street food events to hosting and running 44 food events per year.


Having grown up in Sicily, the taste for quality Italian cooking has always been a part of my life. With ‘Don Arancini – The Italian Deli’, I hope to bring our customers the real taste of Italy to their homes!

– Chef Stefano

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